Living Wholeness Pastoral & Advanced Counsellor Training PACT III

This course offers participants training at an advanced pastoral and professional counsellor level (predominantly post graduate). The emphasis is to assist students to grow in understanding and use of the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF) as a base for a Biblically and psychologically integrative approach for Counseling. Participants are selected on their desire to equip and empower others in the Body of Christ, to meet the many issues that are faced, both in the emerging Church and the wider community. Thus the primary purpose of this course is training those who train others.

There is strong emphasis on the participants own and professional TASK development, through inviting growth in their reflective Transformational journey, Attitudes to self and clients, Skills acquisition and practice, and Knowledge base (TASK). Central to the course is the integration of Biblical and Psychological disciplines, strengthening of supervision and training capacity, and group work.

Teaching employs an interactive adult learning style, much tutor facilitated skills practice and group work. The training is in English. As is Living Wholeness practice, 2-3 students from one nation or locality who apply together will be given preferential seats, as we value the ongoing mutual support two can offer each other.
The course requires a total commitment of around 200 hours over 12 months.

Unit 1 involves prereading, then 60 hours classes preferably face to face but likely online.
Unit 2 (over 12 months) includes self-directed study, counselling case load, group supervision, reading, an assignment or discussion group, and training others.
Unit 3 concludes the course with another 60 hours of training followed by an examination.

Qualifying participants receive a certificate from Living Wholeness and Brisbane School of Theology and are then eligible to join the Living Wholeness community as accredited practitioners, supervisors, or trainers.

Participants are also trained in delivering Introduction to the CWF, LW Small Groups series, and Living Wholeness Lay Counselling Training.

Commencement Dates are subject to a full class of 25 people and available training team. We envisage a class commencing early in 2022. If you are interested please apply using the application form below and we will notify you, when we have a full cohort, when and where/how the class will be delivered.

Cost: Face to face/residential intensive mode is eminently preferable but more expensive. The final decision will be made based primarily on the prevailing COVID situation at the time. Online classes do work well as we found from PACT Cohort 2 Unit 2 and 3. It is also possible unit 1 and 2 are online while unit 3 is potentially deliverable face to face. Living Wholeness policy is that we prefer to accept people based on their calling, capacity and giftedness ahead of their bank balance, but at the same time there are costs that need to be covered. We aim to find scholarships for people who can demonstrate the need of this. Otherwise the basic cost is not exorbitant and is generally affordable by most.

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