Living Wholeness is committed to quality research on the CWF, training, contextualization of the material in Asia, and other issues.  Assoc Prof Dr. Jill Willis joined the board in mid 2020. She has also been offering guidance to the small but powerful research team of around 5 members. The group is in the process of exploring two significant areas of research.

  1. The history of LW as viewed by the major leaders of LW in around 10 nations. There are several reasons for this research. It establishes the story from many angles. It facilitates more understanding of why people take up LW in their nation. And it provides a coherent backdrop to support the future research efforts of LW.
  1. Secondly the group are working on identifying an assessment tool for measuring growth and transformation within students of the more in-depth courses, primarily the Lay Counsellor Course.  Once this is obtained, we intend to specifically carefully assess all Lay Counsellor Training as a pilot project over 2021-22. All LW training is carefully evaluate but this will improve our accuracy and reporting.

Living Wholeness Ltd is fully compliant with ACNC requirements for financially transparency, has zero tolerance of terrorism, slavery, trafficking, bullying, and is child safe. Living Wholeness does not work with any organizations involved in such activities. Donations are currently not tax deductible.

The CWF is the most comprehensive road map to the process of counseling others that I know of

– Prof. Simon Lee, PhD Theology, PhD Psychology,
Retired Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong