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For 2021 we have several projects in the pipeline. Each has trained and visionary LW volunteers ready to go, and many keen students wanting to learn how to help others. Our team train Christian students who then help their communities.

Mental Health in Asia 

Many are predicting a massive tsunami of mental health issues will follow the global COVID tsunami. Increasingly, studies are showing how effective lay counsellors can be at assisting people cope well with mental health challenges, rather than just suicide.

Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, India (Tamil) Pakistan and Mongolia face significant mental health issues with minimal resources. LW will train 150 lay counsellors in these nations, (25 in each) many of them pastors and teachers, supported by a translated student manual, simple textbook, and 12 months of group supervision. Training delivered by local graduates from our previous programs: in the local language, by local people, for local people. The efficacy of the whole project is being researched and will give highly useful data for future work. Project outline is available from Full cost $20,000. Partnering with Healthserve Australia.

While other Living Wholeness projects are not yet tax-deductible, donations to this project through Healthserve are 100% deductible. Thank you!

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I’m giving my whole life for Living Wholeness

– Henry, Pastor in East Asia who is being persecuted for using CWF