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Funding Goal for 2024
USD 50,000

The ministry opportunities of Living Wholeness work are expanding.

We invite you to partner with us to respond to needs in Asia.

The church in many areas of Asia is strong on evangelism and teaching, but recognise they need to grow in pastoral care and discipleship.

LW’s focus is to strategically train and equip Pastors, Christian Counsellors, and Leaders, to add depth and strength to the rapidly growing church of Asia.

LW uses the Christian Wholeness Framework founded by Dr. John Warlow. This is a Biblically based process of discipleship and training. It focusses on developing Biblical Transformation Attitudes Skills and Knowledge within safe community. Because it is systematic it is easily taught to varying levels of students, Lay, Pastoral and Professional counsellors. Wholistic discipleship. Powerful and impactive for the Gospel. Students love it because they can apply it to themselves and their spheres of influence.

We are excited to see God raising up a movement impacting individuals, churches, and communities across Asia. We work in 15 nations. LW’s training community has over 100 members. Some 18,000 people have now received at least 6 hours training in the Christian Wholeness Framework. Many of these have received much more training, and in particular training of trainers. Seven Asian seminaries teach the Living Wholeness material.

PACT (Pastoral & Advanced Counselor Training) offers
– High quality professional and experienced educators and trainers
– Low trainer to student ratio usually 1:5
– A strategic and intercultural training experience with students from multiple nations
– Dual Stream Lay/Pastoral Counsellor and Professional Counsellor
– 300 hrs over one year hybrid training (online plus 2 x 2 week face to face intensives)
– Knowledge of the Christian Wholeness Framework and applications
– Transformational Experience in discipleship through safe small groups
– Counselling and Training Skills and equipping
– A full year of Group Supervision
– Specialty topics including Marriage Family Trauma Mental Health
– Emphasis on training to train others
– Graduate support through the optional post PACT, Master Trainer Course
– Certification by Living Wholeness and Brisbane School of Theology

The next class, PACT 4, is planned for the Indian Subcontinent 2024.

We need funds for student scholarships for key Asian leaders who are gifted and available but have financial needs.

Cost for 1 student is USD$1000/ AU$1500. For Australians this is 100% tax deductible through Healthserve.

We also seek funds for translation of materials, developing online training courses and various general projects.

We would really value your support in prayer and financially at this time.

With gratitude Dr David Nikles LW CEO.

Living Wholeness Ltd is committed to best practice, transparent governance and accountability as a trusted Australian Not-for-Profit entity. All financial gifts are directed to growing the ministry and impact of Living Wholeness Ltd. ACN 631 299 315 ABN 24 631 299 315

Robert Silva, Director, Connect for Life Sri Lanka; President Association of Christian Counselling Sri Lanka

Jincy and Karen from Bangalore India, Social Workers who run a NFP  reaching out to street boys

Zakir Ahmed, Bangladesh, CCTB Senior Lecturer (College of Christian Theology Bangladesh)

Flora Pahan. Lamb hospital chaplain Bangladesh

Feedback and Comments from
this Campaign as we proceed

Australian Christian Businessman and Philanthropist
It is really a miracle how much Living Wholeness achieves with such a small budget.

ZH, Bangladesh:
It is our God who has always favoured his people and stands by them. We may not imagine often, how far He can go for us. 
He does more than we expect and that leads us to worship Him with all our tears and gratitude. Therefore, we need to trust Him with all our existence with joy and thankfulness. Thank you for sharing this need with us.

Exodus 28: 6-30 came to mind as we sought the Lord as to how to run PACT 4. The number two, beautiful, interwoven, gold, is a recurrent theme. As we as the Exec sat together before the Lord it helped us see this next PACT should again be a beautiful interwoven cohort with the two streams of pastoral and professional counsellors.

Acts 16:9. During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” We sensed the Lord inviting us to focus just on the Indian subcontinent for the next PACT. There are needs elsewhere which we will find a way to meet in His timing.

Can I please have the donor campaign materials in Mandarin.

Someone asked me my learning from PACT recently. Here are some thoughts. There are just so many awesome and inspiring people out there around Asia who sincerely want to improve the situation for their nation. Living in situations we in say Australia would see as totally intolerable, they have hope and joy and love for each other as communities that is palpable and attractive. We as a team from Living Wholeness are privileged to be able to empower them in simple ways to add capacity to what they do already, empowering them to offer even more. For example watch Robert Silva’s video on the LW website (up soon). Their commitment inspires me to continue to give my life to walking with them to facilitate  wholistic healing and transformation across the Asian region. Empowering these people to empower others, on a macro scale to lead organisations, churches, seminaries, as well as on a micro scale offer 1:1 assistance to congregational members in need, crumbling marriages, those in grief, and so on, gives me an opportunity for I hope a life well lived. 

My other learning is the absolute power of team vs individual. As an individual I can’t do much. But as a Team with Living Wholeness, where we have over 100 volunteers many of whom are trainers, from over 15 nations, I get to see the Body of Christ in action every week in beautiful and often breathtaking ways. We are real people who do life together particularly on the field – for the recent PACT 3 training in Chiangmai we had 27 amazing graduates and 15 trainers, a real community affair, this is who we are as Living Wholeness. Almost every graduate made comments in the feedback about how inspiring and powerful it is to experience a team of teachers not just 1-2.

Overall I guess my learning is we are offering life changing training which is Biblically and psychological integrative and cutting edge, it is powerful and effective and can be passed on to others in a clear and systematic way and so it is very worthwhile as both a discipleship and training course. Our research on the training is bearing this out.

K and VW Aus:
We want to support the new project mentioned. Can you provide bank details etc please?

How we use donated funds

Living Wholeness leaders and board members source their income from private or missional support. Thus, all financial gifts to Living Wholeness Ltd. are directed to growing the ministry and impact of Living Wholeness Ltd. Overheads and administrative costs are low.

Some projects may be extended. Project funds are reallocated to other projects if targets are exceeded or the project ceases due to reasons beyond our control.

Living Wholeness Ltd is registered with Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission and is committed to best practice and transparent governance and accountability as a trusted Not-for-Profit entity.

Living Wholeness Ltd. ACN 631 299 315 ABN 24 631 299 315

I’m giving my whole life for Living Wholeness

– Henry, Pastor in East Asia who is being persecuted for using CWF