Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

This is a summary of what is being offered for professional development of the advanced LW Community in 2024.

Those invited include PACT graduates/Master Trainer Students/BST Grad Cert Graduates/LW Leaders.

You are free to select one or more training units from those on offer, as one-off short courses. For example, the LWSA/Gottmann course, or the Training of Trainers. 

However, if you enrol in Master Trainer Cohort 3 itself, everything becomes more affordable as one single training package.

If you are already enrolled as Master Trainer Cohort 1 or 2, you already have access to all the training opportunities included below, except the extra cost of the LWSA/Gottmann.  

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LW Training of Trainers 

This course assists you to grow as a LW trainer.

Steffi Greber, Claire Wadsworth, Gill Vriend, Dr. Carolyn Russell

Semester 1 Feb – May: All Brisbane Time 6-8 pm 

  • Feb 12 
  • Feb 26  
  • Mar 25

Semester 2 Aug – Nov

  • Sep 20
  • Sep 27
  • Oct 4

Next year we will offer LW Supervisor Training. 

Integrated LWSA/Gottmann Approach (Including Gottmann Level 1 Certificate) 

This course builds on what was offered at PACT 3 Unit 3, but is inclusive of those who missed that. The course presents a CWF + Gottman integrated approach to relationship counselling for marriage, family, and systems relationships. Participants are required to watch the 12 hr  video presentation of Gottman Level 1 Training. An e-manual is available for the Gottman component. All included in price of USD$150 for non Master Trainer participants or USD$100 for Master Trainer participants Cohort 1,2, or 3.

Dr. John Warlow and Dr. Carolyn Russell 

LW Zoom 6-8 pm Brisbane time on 

  • May 10, 17, June 7, July 12, 19  
  • Between May 17 – July 12 watch 12 hours of Gottmann videos online.
  • NOTE that attendance at all sessions is required for a Gottmann Level 1 certificate


Maintain regular involvement with the Living Wholeness Community once you have completed a PACT, Graduate Certificate, or similar course. 

Cohort 3 commences Feb 9, 2024, 6-8 pm Brisbane time.

Master Trainer Full Program 

The full program involves:


Group supervision – dates to be set by each group 

Training of Trainers and Integrated LWSA/Gottmann Courses 

The above courses: Training of Trainers and LWSA/Gottman are included in Master Trainer.

Note this applies to Cohorts 1 and 2 as well.

Training Opportunities to join teams and teach

Let Eva know if you are interested to join a team: PACT, Lay Counsellor, Steps into LW, and if you are looking for people to assist you with your training.

SAP Groups 

Self directed T and A growth.

We assume you will find your own partners but if you are looking please let us know and we may be able to suggest people to join with.

Research Team

With Assoc Professor Dr. Jill Willis

We are conducting research and writing articles and always keen to welcome new people, and those who were previously involved but had to withdraw. If your situation has changed and you want to rejoin you are welcome! Contact David.


LW Tea Party

With several senior LW leaders at each event.

‘Kitchen table’ informal open opportunities to just meet and chat online, over your BYO tea or coffee. Bring questions or topics of interest or just join and connect with friends and colleagues.  LW Zoom Brisbane time 6-7.30pm. Open to all LW Core Community. No cost.

  • Feb        16
  • April       12
  • June       14
  • August    16
  • October  11


Focussed Conversations within Community. LW Core Community welcome. No cost.

Brisbane time 6-8 pm we have:

  • CWF Coaching                        March  22       John Warlow 
  • Integrated Trialogue             May 24            John Warlow and team 
  • Hot topics from students     Sept 27, Nov 22. (Send your suggestions)


Full Program Master Trainer Year 1 and 2 includes Training Of Trainers200
Full Program Master Trainer Year 3 and 4 includes Training Of TrainersYear 3 and 4 cost is reduced assuming increased input to LW Community 100
Just Training Of Trainers 202460
Just Integrated LWSA/Gottmann Level 1 Course150
LWSA/Gottmann Level 1 Course + Master Trainer Year 1 or 2300
LWSA/Gottmann Level 1 Course + Master Trainer Year 3 or 4200
Couple discount on second person20%
Pay four years up front for Master Trainer Cohort 3 500

Some part scholarships may be available.

Registration for all events closes Feb 1 2024.


Living Wholeness gave us very practical tools that are profound and precise, and you taught us how to really be transformed. I felt like I wasn’t in a lesson or class but in a family.

– Tri, Leader, Nepal



Our courses are all taught by Living Wholeness accredited trainers, in an interactive adult learning style, consistently enjoying high levels of participant satisfaction. They are offered in English, and through translation, in other languages. 



All courses present facets of the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF). These courses consistently enjoy high satisfaction levels with participants, who should expect to grow with God, themselves and others, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills the need to counsel others.