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Dr. John Warlow

Dr. David Nikles

The material you find here can help you in any of these contexts. We are a growing community of people, developing for over 30 years, and are now involved in over 15 countries.

We learn, live and give the Christian Wholeness Framework, a transferable picture language for wholistic God-centred change.

The CWF brings together the essentials for wholistic living in an easy way, answering the “how-to” questions when it comes to helping ourselves and others to grow.

We mainly do this through training, using a growing number of resources and products, developed by those within this international community.

Common search items on the website include

Training – please do have a look at what is on offer. We list some courses you can request a training in for your group, and others preplanned where you may be able to join. This is frequently updated.

Resources – check out new releases, olden golden books, some videos.
Soon we will add our translations also, we have CURE 1 in 9 languages for example.

About – this page tells the LW story, how, who, when, we started, how God has led us since, who currently leads LW. We  hare what Living Wholeness as an organisation is, and finally  explain what the Christian Wholeness Framework is.

Donate is for interested donors – and please do consider partnering with us as we grow and respond to fulfilling God’s leading of LW in faith.

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Again welcome, we pray that God will bless your investment of time getting to know this part of us. 

Dr. John Warlow
Living Wholeness Founder

Dr. David Nikles  
Living Wholeness CEO

I just love the integration of Biblical truth and Psychology. I haven’t seen anything done as beautifully as this.

– Solveig, Missionary Counsellor, Cornerstone, Thailand


Living Wholeness is working to see lives transformed.
Watch our new video for a great overview of the vision and work of Living Wholeness.

Ms Olive
Head, UIM Christian Counselling School. Bangalore India.

My goal in attending this training was to find a transferable Biblical model that works cross culturally, and you have given us that, it’s been amazing. 

– Sandy, Senior YWAM trainer, Malaysia