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Living Wholeness staff members and partners.

Blog – Being with God

In the Christian Wholeness Framework, we have 5 steps where the first step is ‘the connect step.’ The details of the connect step can be seen below…
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Blog – Attitudes

The following blog is excerpted from the new Cycles of Transformation Third Edition. We selected this chapter on Attitudes as…
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Living Wholeness gave us very practical tools that are profound and precise, and you taught us how to really be transformed. I felt like I wasn’t in a lesson or class but in a family.

– Tri, Leader, Nepal



Our courses are all taught by Living Wholeness accredited trainers, in an interactive adult learning style, consistently enjoying high levels of participant satisfaction. They are offered in English, and through translation, in other languages. 



All courses present facets of the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF). These courses consistently enjoy high satisfaction levels with participants, who should expect to grow with God, themselves and others, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills the need to counsel others.