Integrated Marriage Therapy

LWSA/Gottman Level 1

2024, May 10&17 / June7 / July 12&19
On Zoom, 6-8 pm Brisbane time

Living Wholeness Systems Approach (LWSA) and Gottman Marriage Therapy Level 1 Course

Dr. John Warlow and Dr. Carolyn Russell have worked extensively on integration of Gottman Techniques and the CWF.  Dr. Carolyn is a Gottmann expert.

They taught this at PACT 3 in August 2023, and many people asked for further training.

Thus, we have developed a 20 hr integrated training suitable for pastoral and professional counsellors with an understanding of CWF.

Ideal participants would be PACT graduates (cohort 1 2 or 3) and current Master Trainer students.

Others also welcome, however some prior knowledge of the CWF will be helpful. Requirements to receive the Gottman Level 1 Certificate (Gottman is stricter than we are!)

  • You must attend ALL sessions to receive the Gottman Level 1 Certificate
  • On registration, you will receive your  LWSA Book.
  • You will be given access to the Gottman Level 1 Video series on May 17 and have until July 12 to complete watching these 12 hours of videos.
  • There is a simple quiz that will follow the video series.
  • Complete the final assessment after July 17.
  • Those who complete the requirements will receive both a LWSA/Gottman certificate and a Gottman Level 1 Certificate.


Please pay via the LW Pay page and make sure your name and LWSA/Gottman is on the payment slip.


  • Currently enrolled Master Trainer 1, 2 or 3 students USD$100
  • Other PACT 1-3 graduate USD$150
  • Others USD$300


Please ask Eva re admin or David re the course.

If you are interested at this stage please register here.

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