Master Trainer 3

Master Trainer is NOT an accredited Master’s Degree

Master Trainer is the key way to maintain involvement with the Living Wholeness Community once you have completed a PACT, Graduate Certificate, or similar course.

It is as much a community as a training. We offer three main areas to plug into:

  • Group TASK Supervision Group – in a new format
    Empowering you to develop in your vision, ministry and calling, and continue growing personally and professionally through a supportive facilitated Supervision TASK group.
  • Community Involvement  – many options
    An invitation to both contribute your gifting and receive support.
  • Training and Resource support – empowering you with useful training, training course access, and resources to better equip you to teach CWF in your settings.  

Master Trainer is ideal if you are keen to grow as you counsel and train people in the CWF, remaining in connection with others on a similar journey.


  • Pastors
  • Pastoral counsellors
  • Professional counsellors
  • Coaches
  • Trainers, across the marriage parenting pastoral counsellor continuum
  • Mentors & Supervisors
  • Educators – Tertiary level: Seminary and Uni lecturers

The Main Three Focal Points of Master Trainer are

1. Your Supervision TASK Group

Peer Equivalent Level Covering Areas Like:

  • Empowering God thru you – your vision and calling
  • Ministry and Professional Learning goals
  • Counseling /coaching cases AND….
  • Training situations
  • Mentoring each other and your mentoring of others
  • CWF issues and topics
  • Ministry issues
  • Local Church involvement
  • Group work eg LW and other groups
  • Cross cultural learning opportunities
  • Self Care accountability

2. LW Community Involvement

Direct Involvement

Get involved where God leads you building the LW community for example

  • Developing LW
  • Assist with LW events
  • Newsletter contributions
  • National LW Team leadership and assisting

LW Community Events

  • Webinars
    • March 22 CWF Coaching – John Warlow
    • May 24 Integrated Trialogue – John Warlow and team
    • Sept 27, Nov 22 Hot topics arising from students
  • Tea Party

3. Training and Resources

  • Access to courses to train Level 1 2 +
  • Access to LW G Drive course material ppts trainer and participants manuals etc
  • Access to LW resources for your own use and training others
  • Access to materials for translation into your language
  • Specific Courses
    • This year TOT and LWSA/Gottmann
    • Next year Growing as a Supervisor and Trauma?
  • Expectation that participants will teach or assist at least 3+/10 LW courses over the next 4 years (listed below)



4. SAP Groups

  • Please let us know if you are seeking one
  • OR find your own venue for personal sharing prayer and growth

5. Research Group (Optional)

  •  Join if interested let David know

Master Trainer Benefits

  • Discount on LW materials and resources 10%
  • Access to assistance for translation of materials where required (if approved)
  • Access to a dynamic international network of CWF based peers and colleagues.
  • Access to support to collaboratively develop courses, products and services relevant to local settings.
  • Access to involvement in LW research processes and findings
  • LW email address and access to LW G Drive resources

Minimum Requirements over the year

ComponetMinimum Hrs
Supervision TASK Group8 x 2 = 16
(Contributions welcome)
4 x 2 = 8
We will encourage you to find your own venue for personal sharing prayer and growth
Expected not enforced
Training Courses Required
TOT 202412
Supervisor Training 202512
Training Elective Options
LWSA/Gottmann 202420
Training Others Options
Requirement is full involvement with delivery of at least 3 of these 10 options over the 4 years.
o Assist or teach Level 1-2 courses
    o Commencing the Journey
     o In Step Small Groups
    o Steps into LW
    o Lay Counsellor Training A
    o Lay Counsellor Training A+B
o Assist w PACT
    o Assist w teaching Unit 1/3
    o Assist w skills and T groups Unit 1/3
    o Asist w group supervision   Unit 2
o Assist w M Div Pastoral Care
o Assist w other courses as arise
o Assist with Junior Master Trainer supervision (yrs 1-2)




Fostering LW Community
· Assist with LW events
· Newsletter contributions
· Assist with online events
· National LW Team leadership and assisting
Tea PartyOptional
LW Conference
As arises


People who graduate from the Master Trainer Course receive a valuable certificate from LW & BST.

Full Program Master Trainer Year 1 and 2 includes Training Of Trainers200/yr
Full Program Master Trainer Year 3 and 4 includes Training Of Trainers100/yr
Just Training Of Trainers                202460
Just Supervisor Training Unit        2025120
Webinars per session if not Master TrainerFree
Just LWSA/Gottmann Level 1 Course150
LWSA/Gottmann Level 1 Course + Master Trainer Year 1 or 2300
LWSA/Gottmann Level 1 Course + Master Trainer Year 3 or 4200
Couple discount on second person20%
Pay four years up front500


More information

Contact for Enquiries

Eva Yang