Training of Trainers (TOT) Accreditation Course

If you have graduated from an advanced level LW Cousre such as PACT, the BST Grad Certificate, LWTP,
or other longer involvement with LW then we invite you to participate in this training of LW trainers course.
It will be very practical and was designed to empower people to teach any of the following LW Courses.

  • Small Groups: In Step
  • Steps Into Living Wholeness
  • TEE Pastoral Care Course
  • Lay Counsellor Level 1 and 2
  • M. Div Pastoral Care subject
  • Other Training as submitted to LW team.

We are well aware that many of the LW community are highly experienced trainers and may not see a need for participation.

The TOT course will take 12 hours over a year, within 2 semesters of 4 months each. It will comprise 6 hrs interactive class teaching, and a practricum, over semester 1 and 6 hrs practical skills demonstration, class interaction, and group learning, during semester 2.

Teachers will be from this group of Gill Vriend, Steffi Gerber, Claire Wadsworth, Carolyn Russell, Susanne Nikles. Other senior level Master Trainer students may join as well as co trainers, group leaders and so on.

Students will benefit most if they are preparing to teach a LW training. However, it will be also beneficial if they have just completed one or are considering training in future.

The training sessions are built on each other. It is therefore recommended to attend all of these TOT sessions.

The cost of attending this TOT training alone will be USD$60.
Apply for limited scholarships if needed.

The TOT cost is fully included contained within the Master Trainer Full Program cost. Meaning for enrolled Master Trainer students the TOT is free.

A similar system will be introduced for LW Supervision which will be the major component of year 2 of Master Trainer.


Semester 1 (Feb – May 2024) Dates below

  • Feb 12 (6-8pm Brisbane time)
  • Feb 26 (6-8pm Brisbane time)
  • March 25 (6-8pm Brisbane time)

Semester 2 (Aug-Nov 2024) tbc


  • Master Trainer enrolled students – included in MT fee ie free
  • Non enrolled people – USD$120


More information

Contact for Enquiries

Eva Yang