The CURE for Life Part 1: God Centred Transformation

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By Dr. John Warlow




The CURE for Life; Part One presents the essentials for God centered personal growth and transformation. It shares with you a unique approach that has benefitted a growing community of people from different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. This approach has also stimulated the personal and professional development of many integrative lay and professional Christian counsellors, over almost 30 years.

The CURE for Life will assist you to identify, and become balanced, integrated and aligned with, your life purpose. It provides a foundation for facilitating personal maturation, addressing questions such as:

Why am I here? Who am I? How am I? How do I change?

The CURE for Life is not only about individual change, but also positive relational growth within families, groups of friends, churches and systems. You will find that digesting The CURE for Life will transform you, and help you help others.

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