South Asia PACT 4 (2024)

PACT = Pastoral & Advanced Counsellor Training

The PACT Course offers in depth training in the Christian Wholeness Framework. It has two streams – pastoral counsellor or advanced counsellor. Participants grow in their understanding and personal and vocational application of the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF). This forms the basis for a wholistic Biblically and psychologically integrative approach to care and counselling. Participants are equipped to become integrative Christian counsellors, and to begin to train and supervise lay counsellors.

Participants are selected on their desire to be multipliers – to train, equip and empower the Body of Christ to meet the many issues that are faced both within the Church, and the wider community, within the developing Asian region.

The course covers four essential paradigms: TASK:

Transformation – Participants are invited to examine their own lives and walk a person transformational journey applying the CWF material, steps, shapes, and theology, to themselves.

Attitudes –   Participants are invited to continually reflect on the all important ‘how’ we are as counsellors in order that we can ‘do’ more wholistically.

Skills – Participants receive training in the essential skills of good counselling to Connect with, Understand, if needed Respond to their clients, at  times Engaging the help of others and finally Evaluating the process. The Five Steps of CUREe.

Knowledge – Participants learn particularly the integration of Biblical and psychological knowledge for safe effective practice through the Five Shapes of the CWF. Participants begin to learn to apply that understanding to see self and others through these shapes. Classes employ an interactive adult learning style, with much tutor facilitated group work. The training is in English. Participants need good English fluency to participate effectively.  Living Wholeness practice is that participants attending in groups of 2-3, from one nation or locality, will be given preferential seats. The course requires a total participation commitment of around 300 hours over 12 months.

Course content

Unit 1 commences with a 2 day online intensive, followed by reading course material with online small group discussions, and transformational group participation. This is followed by a 10 day face to face intensive.

  • Introductory two days Sept 5-6 online
  • Unit 1 is conducted face to face in Kathmandu Oct 21-Nov 1  2024

Unit 2  includes counselling case load, online group supervision, reading, an assignment, a 6 hour unit on mental health (self-study videos) some teaching components, and an expectation to train others in the material at a basic level. This is conducted online over 11 months.

  • Unit 2 runs online Nov 2024-Sept 30 2025
  • Plan for approximately 4-5 hrs work/study a week for this unit.

Unit 3  concludes the course with a 10 day face to face intensive, including further input on working with marriage and families, trauma healing, small groups training, and training in training others in CWF.

  • Unit 3 will run from Oct 20- 31 2025, probably also in Kathmandu.

Some details and dates may move depending on how the world is at the time.


This course is presented jointly by Living Wholeness  and Brisbane School of Theology

Graduates who complete all the required work receive Graduation Certificate, and are eligible to enrol for the subsequent Living Wholeness Master Trainer Program. This is NOT a masters degree but offers a place for ongoing support, learning, dialogue, supervision, and participation in the LW community. Participants who attend but do not submit all required work receive an Attendance Certificate only.


Full Program Unit 1, 2 and 3:

Tuition + materials + face to face classes food and accommodation: USD$1000.  Travel costs NOT included.

Some scholarship assistance may be available.


Complete the application form to register your interest.

Registration closes August 1 2024.

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