Basics of the Christian Wholeness Framework

This is based on five steps and five shapes which John saw as recurring Biblical themes.

The Steps

Connect: Mankind is relational. We need to connect with each other as indeed God made and connected with man in the garden, throughout history, and most significantly through Jesus – Immanuel – God with us. The triangle mentioned below is the symbol of the connect step. To connect is to love. God first loved us, that we love others.

Understand: We need to know accurately to understand each other well. The five circles and the square facilitate profound and wholistic knowing. To understand is to know. When the truth of someone’s story is hear and accepted it truly facilitates deep healing.

Respond: Only when we have an accurate picture of what is going on we can respond gently appropriately and wisely, and in wholistic, relevant and helpful way. God showed His response to a hurting broken world through sending Jesus to identify with and then die for the world. The symbol of the cross reminds us of Jesus death and resurrection. The triangle also reminds us that we can assist people by facilitating their link with the God who is for them and loves them so very much. To respond is to facilitate growth: as the helpee it is to grow.

Engage Help: At times we ourselves can help others adequately, at times we need invite others to assist the person with us. This is symbolized by the pyramid. To engage help for others is to serve and lead them. The body of Christ serving each other and those not yet part of this body.

Evaluate: It is always so instructive to evaluate how the process is going for all involved – helpee, helper, the relationship between them, and indeed God’s view of the process overall. To evaluate is to ask the question – how did it go?

Connect, Understand, Respond, Engage Help and Evaluate.

The Shapes

The Triangle – showing connection between God man and others.

The Circles – portraying the five major components and subcomponents of a human being. Social, physical, mind, heart and spirit.

The Square – symbolic of a way to examine where a person is at, in regard to God and self, suffering and flourishing.

The Cross – the most important shape for the whole world, showing the centrality of Jesus.

The Pyramid – representing engaging help, and /or serving others.