What the CWF Offers

The Christian Wholeness Framework…

  • is Christian, wholistic, and a framework; based on the Bible, centred on God, promoting the Christian church’s central role in the transformation of individuals across the world. It offers a Biblical anthropology of man, and a dynamic understanding of the process of personal wholistic transformation.
  • incorporates a robust integrative theology, psychology, biology and sociology of change, and emphasises the need for the individual to connect to both God, and people, to grow.
  • provides a structure in which various models of therapy or transformation can be integrated; a map assisting the user know where they are, where they want to go, and how to travel; and a therapeutic tool bag.
  • offers a foundation for training at all levels, equipping church and community-based transformation groups; lay, pastoral, and professional counsellors; supervisors, educators, and researchers. It is sophisticated, well presented, and easily understood.
  • recognises the need for both healing and sanctification, together bringing transformation.
  • acknowledges the range of healing disciplines from enrichment and group programs, to coaching, mentoring, spiritual accompaniment, pastoring, to deeper counselling, prayer, and psychotherapy.
  • encourages, inspires and challenges the finding of a way for wholistic transformation for all people, within their relational systems.
  • Developed in both East and West, over 30 years, offers probably one of the most comprehensive approaches to working wholistically with people. It is Biblically robust, theologically and psychologically integrative, systematic and teachable, culturally sensitive, and is being increasingly accessed around and is being increasingly accessed in both East and West.