Group of Women with Noble Character

Four Chinese Sisters

Many years ago, when LW was teaching in China, students meet regularly in Transformational (T) groups. These comprised 6 people, and a facilitator, over the 2 years of the course. SAP groups hadn’t yet been developed back then. After the course finished this is what a group of graduates decided to do:

“After learning about the CWF, we realized the importance of meeting together, so four sisters of us decided to set up a prayer group. We called it the Group of Women with Noble Character (GWNC). On the first meeting, we discussed the function of the group and identified the expectations of each person from the group. We also emphasized the need to meet in safety, and meanwhile we reminded ourselves that there are phases and seasons we will go through on the journey together.
We get together 2-3 hours each week, first worshiping and then sharing ups and downs during the week, and spending the rest of our time praying together for our spiritual maturity, for our families and work. When an emergency happens to a sister, we will put aside our work at hand to go together immediately to the sister’s home. One time Sister Gao called and told us in tears that she felt so lonely and scared because her doctor just told her something was seriously wrong with her brain. We then held her together and prayed for her situation asking for HIS healing. It turned out her brain was fine! Sister Gao was so grateful to the group for being with her at “the darkest hour”.
GWNC is a safe place with love and genuine relationship, and in the group we can just be ourselves. It is both attractive and precious!
Dear friends, have you set up your own prayer and sharing groups yet? How could yours look?”