Praying Hands

Dr. John Warlow

How do you practice the presence of God in everyday life, in a proactive way, God Through You (GTY)? I can find myself so often living reactively to whatever is going on around me. I want to keep my thoughts in my mind circle on Christ, and on wholistic God centred transformation. I try to keep mentally engaged in prayer, however it can be a challenge when either my mind is too tired or it is drifting, as I’m doing the washing up.  I’m grateful for prayerful meditation during the day, but currently, I am trying to move towards a posture of ongoing prayer as well. I want to engage my body as well as my mind.

This is what I have found to be helpful. This is a simple exercise to help us physically meditate on God. You have 5 fingers on each hand. Touch/wiggle your thumb to remind you of the first of the 5 “P’s” of God, the Person of God. Do the same for each finger for the remaining four “P’s” of God: His Presence, Placement of you, Purposes for you and Provisions for you. You can also focus especially on one of the five “P’s” for each of the five days of the week: the Person of God on Monday, His Presence on Tuesday and so on. If you want to go further, there are actually thirty-five aspects of God under these five “P’s” to physically meditate on! Have a look at the CURE for Life Book 1, “The Shape of the Cross” (page 145), and again in the CURE for Life Book 3, “The Shape of the Cross Illustrates Scripture” (page 32). May you grow in the wholistic practice of the presence of God, even when you are busy or tired, and want to draw near to your Heavenly Father.