Your Marriage Garden: Nourish the Heart

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Nikles. Mrs Susanne and Dr. David (2016) 
Your Marriage Garden


Your Marriage Garden: Nourish the Heart: This book is for couples who want a dynamic marriage relationship. It looks at marriage in a holistic way, using the Christian Wholeness Framework as its foundation. In it you will discover practical tools and exercises to strengthen your marriage friendship and to withstand the numerous challenges life inevitably delivers. You’ll learn principles for healthy communication, understanding and accepting differences in your partner, and ways to lessen the impact of conflict in your relationship. The book incorporates some of the most recent thinking in the area of marriage and places this within a Christian word view. Your Marriage Garden is appropriate for couples in all seasons of marriage. It will guide couples longing for greater intimacy, serve those seeking renewed vitality and meaning in their relationship, and benefit those  struggling with conflicts and difficulties.

Also published in Mandarin.      

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Mrs. Susanne and Dr. David Nikles are an Australian couple who have been married almost 30 years, and have a son and two daughters. They have lived with their family in Asia since 2005. Susanne completed a counseling masters degree in the nineties focused on strengthening marriages, and has been a counselor for over 25 years. David is a family physician with three decades experience in counseling and mental health. They share a passion to train and equip people in God-centered transformation.

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